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Losing It? Take Back Control!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

If you are like me, who is sick and tired of world leaders making a mess of our lives for their own personal gain, then join me, it is time to take back control.

I am one person what difference can I make? I am glad you asked that because the answer to your freedom lies within your question. One person has always been the spark that ignited a movement, one person has always moved nations to greatness, one person has always had the idea that has created great change, there is a lot that one person can achieve.

But these are great people, I can’t be like that, can I? Now, none of the these people have ever done it on their own, they may have started it but they needed support along the way, that is why we are all here for each other. These dialogues help each of us to share, learn and support each other to become better skilled in taking control back.

How do I start to take control back of my life? Well, this may sound contradictory, but we need to give up control first. As humans, we have a need to understand why things are the way they are, so we create an illusion of control. When things don’t go the way we expected, this illusion confuses us which creates disillusion and frustration. Worst of all, we start to blame ourselves and others about things that we had no control over in the first place. Just think about the things that you are currently frustrated with…. Viruses, Elections, Economics, Logistics etc.

If I can’t control those things, how am I supposed to take back control of my life? This is a great question to ask because by posing this question you can start to identify the parts of your life that you can control. The answer is rather simple then, control what you can and let the rest go, you will feel far more empowered.

But how will that help me to improve my life and to gain control of this ever-spiralling world that we are living in? Achievement, no matter how small, is empowering so we start by getting the little things done. Once we overcome something small it gives us a sense of purpose which fuels the strength to overcome the next task at hand.

Once these small tasks are dealt with, we can then start to tackle the more important issues. There are a lot of things that we can do to improve our situation during this problematic time. Government schemes help us to take control of the financial direction of our lives. There are various options in every country that can help us to gain this control.

Apart from the loans and grants being offered, there is a world of resources at our fingertips that can assist us in getting a business started. As most of us who have either been furloughed or retrenched, we now have time to invest in ourselves, using our experiences to create a new revenue streams. We can start a company, launch a website, engage on social media and start to earn an income, all at very little financial expense. To understand more and claim your free 30 minute consultation email with the header FREE CONSULTATION.

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